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osteopath georgia haley treating shoulder pain


The Hands-On Holistic Approach You've Been Looking For

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Family-focused osteopathy clinics in 
Victoria BC, and Mill Bay

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What Patients Say

"She's been a miracle worker for my neck! Her techniques are subtle, yet incredibly effective. She has a holistic approach where she doesn't just look at the problem area, she takes the whole body into account allowing for more effective healing.


Osteopath Georgia Haley at Victoria, BC
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Meet Georgia,
Your Local Osteopathic Practitioner

Hailing from the very sunny Australia. I moved to Canada early 2021, eager to begin treating on Vancouver Island.  

My hands-on holistic approach to health aims to restore your body back to it's best!

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Areas Osteopaths Treat

"Osteopathic Practitioners treat a wide variety of health problems throughout the whole body including the musculoskeletal, vascular, nervous and visceral system.

They don't just treat the symptoms or areas of complaint, they treat the individual as a whole functional unit." Osteopathy BC

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Back & Neck Pain
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Headaches & Migraines
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Stress & Anxiety
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Knee & Foot Pain
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Strains & Sprains
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Postural Problems
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Digestive Problems
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Respiratory conditions
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Womens Health
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Pain During Pregnancy
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Sport Injuries
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Cranio-sacral treatments
Baby & children

Initial Consult & Treatment

$135 -


Follow-up 60mins

$130 -



45 mins

$115 -


Head & Neck Lymphatic Massage w/ Micro-facial

$140 -

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