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What To Expect

Your first appointment will look like this...

osteopath working on a man in a clinic
history image for initial appointment


Questions about your current and past medical history, including symptoms about your complaint, medications, and other factors that could contribute to your condition.

treatment image for initial appointment

body Examination

A hands-on body examination to identify the cause of complaint. Our way to identify the root cause through various tests.

roadmap to recovery image

plan for success

A plan will be put in place covering the expected healing time of complaint and relevant home exercises to aid in recovery.

treatment image for initial appointment

Manual osteopathic treatment

Hands-on treatments can include massage, stretching, repetitive movements, mobilisation to the muscles, joints, organs, nervous and lymphatic systems. 

  • Do I need a doctors referral?
    No you dont. We take bookings online and offer direct billing to your health insurance provider.
  • What do I wear?
    We reccomend you wear loose and stretchy clothing like activewear or a loose t-shirt. We may ask for you to remove outer clothing items for access to treat certain areas. In this case we will offer you a gown to wear and/or provide a towel to cover you. We will step out of the room to let you change. We reccomend you wear appropriate underwear as well.
  • How many appoitments will I need?
    This greatly depends on your type of condition. Chronic conditions may require more treatment than acute injuried. Patients generally see a change in 2-4 treatments.
  • Do I need to bring anything?
    We reccommend you bring any previous xrays, scans or diagnosis that relate to your area of concern.
  • What can I expect in my initial appointment?
    The appointment will start with a detailed medical history. Covering your current symptoms, previous injuries, medications, diet, exercise, and more. Next, the osteopathic practitioner will assess the area of complaint and surrounding structures with a hands-on body examination. This may look like muscle strength testing, neurological exams, range of movement and more. The osteopath practitioner will ask you to perform certain movements as well as move you through those movements passively as well. Lastly, once a treatment plan is established your osteopathic practitioner will treat the area of concern. To learn more click here
  • Is treatment painful?
    Some treatements can be painful depending on the injury and what tissues are effected. You may also experience post treatment soreness over the next 24-48 hours.
  • Can I bring someone with me?
    You may have someone attend the treatment with you. If a baby or young child or is being treated, the parent or guardian will be required to stay in the room during treatment. Teenagers may be requested to have a parent or guardian present in a consultation. Discuss this with the clinic and your osteopath before your appointment.
  • How long is my appointment?
    Your initial appointment will be an hour, which includes a consult and treatment. Follow up apponitments are either booked in 45 or 30 minute time slots.
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