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Elements Osteopathy

Stony Plain & Spruce Grove, AB
treating shoulder at stony plain osteopathy clinic

Family-focused Osteopathy Clinic
in Stony Plain, AB

treating neck at stony plain osteopathy clinic

Meet, Georgia Haley

Currently on Maternity Leave

Wife and mother to one.

Georgia completed her extensive 5 years of studies in Australia before moving to Canada in early 2021. 

She has a passion for treating pregnancy related conditions, babies and children. 


Areas We Treat

"Osteopathy is a gentle, hands-on practice that assesses the whole person and all of the systemic interrelationships of the body. Osteopathic Manual Therapy uses skilled palpation to assess the structural, fluid and energetic body through assessment of the bones, muscles, joints, organs and the viscera of the body."


Back & Neck Pain
Headaches & Migraines
Stress & Anxiety
Knee & Foot Pain
Babies & Children
Strains & Sprains
Postural Problems
Digestive Problems
Respiratory conditions
Womens Health
Pain During Pregnancy
Sport Injuries
Cranio-sacral treatments

What Patients Say

"She's been a miracle worker for my neck! Her techniques are subtle, yet incredibly effective. She has a holistic approach where she doesn't just look at the problem area, she takes the whole body into account allowing for more effective healing.


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