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Common Osteopathy Acronyms - Ways We Treat.

You may have come across some of these osteopathy acronyms and thought, "what the heck does that stand for?".

Here, we will breakdown the most common acronyms on ways osteopaths treat and shed light on some of that medical jargon.

  • MET: muscle energy technique - type of technique used to increase range of motion, stretch muscle and improve blood flow through a repetition of isometric (resisted) contractions between the patient and osteopath.

  • OMT: Osteopathic manipulative treatment - a set of osteopathic techniques used to diagnose, treat, and prevent illnesses or injury. Broad term for any osteopathy treatment but specifically with the use of manipulations (adjustments).

  • DO: Doctor of Osteopathy - someone who is a fully licensed physician with training in osteopathic medicine. (read more here)

  • OMM: Osteopathic manipulative medicine - is a hands-on therapy that works on the musculoskeletal, visceral system, vascular system, lymphatic system and more. Similar to OMT.

  • OCF: Osteopathy in the cranial field - Cranial osteopathy is a very subtle and passive treatment. Practitioners use highly trained sense of touch to identify restrictions and dysfunctions within the whole body.

  • STM: soft tissue manipulation - a set of treatments used to mobilise stiff soft tissue due to tension build up on inactivity. Including treatment to ligaments, tendons, muscles, connective tissues and fascia.

  • SMT: spinal manipulation technique - a set of techniques that use a controlled thrust (an amount of force directed in a specific direction) to a specific joint.

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