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Osteopathic Practitioner vs Osteopathic Physician

What's the difference? They look similar you say?

man lying on side while osteopath grip shoulder blade

Both titles belong to osteopathy, however, with the regulation and study requirements in different countries, the title has been split.

Although they may treat similarly, there are some key differences between the two titles.

An osteopathic practitioner is someone who has completed a nationally recognised 4-5 years of university study within their respective country. Osteopathic practitioners work independently in the therapy, and are often found in private clinics treating musculoskeletal conditions as well as as the visceral, vascular and nervous systems. More than just your regular back pain. This is the most common title of the profession that you will come across, or it's other variations like osteopathic manual therapist.

An osteopathic physician is someone who first studied a medical degree with the full rights to prescription, surgery, gynecology, hospital staff privileges and more. They have achieved the national recognised degree for their country and have then taken further study in osteopathic medicine. Providing therapy as an osteopathic physician includes the diagnosis and treatment in both the medical and osteopathic field.

All in all, there are only a few places where you will find an osteopathic physician, mainly the US. Otherwise an osteopathic practitioner will be the title used. Whether you see one or the other, you will receive the same amount of care and hands-on treatment.

If you're looking for osteopathy treatment make sure the practitioner is registered with their local association to ensure proper training has been acquired.

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